Beer Sheva Time Variation

The map shows time variation between real-time

bus location data and bus schedules.

real-time data was collected over a week in July 2017

the data was collected using the R programming language,

with HTTP POST querying Israel's Ministery Of

Transportation's server to query the server and recieve

a response containing the SIRI data transfer protocol.

More informatin about the study can be found HERE.


The popup for each hexagon states the number

of observations collected and compared within it,

the mean time variation inside the hexagon and

the range of time varition in minutes between the smallest

(earliset compared to schedule) and largest observation in the area.

gray hexagons will have no observations, and therefore no popup.


As you may have noticed both the Legend and the
Layer+Tile list are collapsable, the data layer can be turned off
and more tile layers are available for viewing.


Mean Time Variation by color:

Late (More than 1 Minute)

On Time

Early (More than 1 Minute)

No Observations